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 I did it, with a little help! Kronk Cooler

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PostSubject: I did it, with a little help! Kronk Cooler   Mon Oct 16, 2006 9:16 am

This weekend I had a mission! To buy a blender with the sole purpose of making Konk ( or as Eric calls them to add the Disney twist Kronk) Cooler! Well I got the blender, the rum, the other rum, all the fixins! And I made my first batch. And you know what, they weren't that great.

So yesterday Eric and I came home from Lowes and he was making our Sunday Big Breakfast, a tradition in this home, and he said let me try the recipe. He made them and this time when I had my first sip I closed my eyes, to forget where I was, and then it was perfect!

So yesterday, by noon I had a buzz. It was just like being on Castaway Cay! Except there was no sun, sand, beautiful blue water, . . . well you get the idea! But their were perfect Kronk Coolers in my grubby little hands!!!!

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I did it, with a little help! Kronk Cooler
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